Predicting Consumer Demand

The environment has a large impact on consumer behavior, which defines product demand. Envirolytic offers three services leveraging these insights.

  • Data as a Service

    Providing environmental datasets to improve your in-house modeling efforts.


  • Demand Modeling

    Delivering demand forecasts from custom predictive models.


  • Direct Marketing

    Triggering geo-targeted campaigns based on environmental variables and custom predictive models.


Predicting Health

Envirolytic articulates the environmental factors that affect human illness, which benefits both individuals and organizations.

  • Individuals

    Over 50% of people have diseases exacerbated by the environment. Envirolytic delivers engaging applications to help people manage their lives by providing a personalized health forecast.

  • Organizations

    Over $500 billion is spent annually on the most common environmentally sensitive diseases. Health forecasting improves financial performance to many in healthcare.

Stay Informed

  • We are currently developing our platform to predict the effect of environmental factors on health outcomes and business metrics. We would love to tell you about our progress over the coming weeks and months, so please leave us your contact information. We promise not to use your information for anything else.